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tutorial; a softer world

okay guys, let's learn how to make softer world strips. this tutorial probably sucks, whoops.

you need a blank template like this motherfucker right here

and this is how you fucking make one

copy that picture right there. or any softer world strip. it doesn't fucking matter

open photoshop
hit new
your dimensions should be width: 720 and height: 261 already because you copied the picture. if they're not those dimensions, make them those dimensions. hit OK. ctrl + v that shit to paste it.

should look like that

now hit your selection tool

and hit the 'add to selection' button
(the middle one)

now zoom in and select those fucking boxes
like fucking so
now hit delete. if you accidentally select too much (as in more of the black you wanted to) then that's fine, just hit the 'subtract from selection' button, it's directly to the right of the 'add to selection' button, and select the part you want to unselect.
also, delete that background layer over there. you don't want that shit.

now you have this

now go over where it says 'asofterworld.com' with white pencil tool or whatever.
put a textbox in its place that says 'remixed by [insert name/url/whatever here] in whatever color you choose.

save that shit as blank in psd format.

now you have a template.


now onto the actual strip making part.

search a softer world until you find a strip that reminds you of an otp or an ot3 or a character or what the fuck ever.

i'm using this one.

find some awesome screen caps you want to use that match the text in the strip. you can use one, or two, or three, the choice is yours. copy one of the screen caps and open a new photoshop page. since you copied before opening a new page, the dimensions should be the dimensions of your picture. paste that picture in there.

tweak it however you like. i like to change the lighting on mine usually. you can do what the fuck ever you want though.

using these tools and shit. i use that third from the right on the top row (the graph one) to change the lighting.

crop the image, change the size, all that jazz to your desire. (i suggest leaving the 'constrain proportions' thing on or whatever when changing the size, though.) just remember you're going to have to arrange them to fit behind the boxes of your template.
bam, example.

be sure to right click on your layers down there and hit 'merge visible' that's really important

select all (ctrl + a), copy (ctrl + c) and then go over to your template and paste (ctrl + v)

wait that looks funny.
just rearrange the order your layers are in. you'll always want your template layer to be on top.

use your move tool up there to move that shit around to how you want it

if you chose to use more than one screen cap: rinse, lather, repeat. copy the picture, open a new photoshop page, paste, do some editing, cropping, sizing, whatever, merge your layers, select all, copy, paste into your template, and move that shit around until it's positioned how you want it.

if something like this happens, rearrange the order of your layers or crop the image or resize the image some more. just tweak things until you have them how you like them.

now you have this

now it's time for the putting on the text!

go to the softer world strip whose text you want to use and copy that shit. open a new window in photoshop and paste the photo there. take your 'add selection' selection tool and select all the text. (it's easier if you zoom in.)
(like so.)
now ctrl + c that shit to copy and go over to your template and paste it. position this new layer directly beneath your template layer and above your screen cap layers. move that shit around until you have it where you want to be

but wait! what if i want to move the text boxes separately?

well, fine then. just choose your selection tool (make sure it's not 'add to selection', but single selection) and select the parts of the text you want to move and move that shit wherever you want.
(i want the text on the left down there but now it's on isaac's face on the right and we can't have that.)
(bam, now we can see isaac's awesome face.)

once's that's done, right click on your layers to the right and hit 'merge visible'. then save that shit as a .png file. make sure you're not saving over your blank template because then you'll have to do that shit again.

upload it to tumblr, share it with your friends, whatever. when i upload mine to tumblr, i like to make the hovertext from the softer world strip the caption at the bottom of the picture.

like that.

there you go! you have made a softer world strip! drop any questions here if you have them and i will answer to the best of my ability.

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