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[app] Ace Attorney || Phoenix Wright || Somaruim

[Player name] Raye
[Age] 17
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] raye_nbow
[Other characters currently played] N/A

[Character name] Phoenix Wright
[Age] 33
[Canon] Ace Attorney
[Point in time taken from canon] Post Apollo Justice


It was his disbarment, a stupid mistake caused by too much trust and a little bit of recklessness, that started the changes. Some of the changes can be considered good. Others can be considered bad. At one time, he saw some good in everyone, believed everybody was innocent until proven guilty, and always believed his clients when they said they were innocent. He was basically far too trusting toward the people around him. It’s different, now. He’s more prone to keeping people at a distance, and not automatically jumping to the conclusion that they are innocent. As a whole, he views the world more cynically. He sees more of the bad in it now, but occasionally, he still sees the good.

But he hasn’t changed as much as people may think. He simply prefers to keep most of his emotions to himself nowadays. Instead of letting the shock, anger, annoyance, embarrassment, and apprehensiveness show on his face, he chooses to keep up a mask of ease and confidence. It might also help that he is more confident and sure in what he says and does.

Phoenix is very laid-back, even more so than he was seven years ago. He hardly reacts to much of what anybody says, unless it’s in his default aloof manner. Anger doesn’t cross him very often, but occasionally he’ll get serious about something. He doesn’t hold grudges very often. For instance, he didn’t hold a grudge against Kristoph Gavin, even though it was Kristoph who, ultimately, caused him to lose his badge. While he’s attentive and listens, he’s been known to completely disregard things people have said to him and not respond to them at all. Since his disbarment, he’s stopped caring what anybody else might think. After all, they’ve already decided he’s guilty of presenting false evidence. He feels like they can’t think much lower of him.

Phoenix has also become a little bit more guarded. Not all that surprising, considering his disbarment was caused by trusting a little girl who gave him forged evidence to present. He’s careful about what he reveals at what times, or what information he decides to reveal at all. On the inside, he’s a lot like the same old Phoenix he used to be. Sometimes unsure, taken by surprise, a little bit sardonic and sometimes sarcastic. These things never really show on the outside, though. They’re often covered by his eccentricness, by his bad jokes and friendly laughter.

Another thing he doesn’t necessarily express out loud as often as he probably should is how much his family and all his friends mean to him. Even though Trucy isn’t his real daughter, he’s thought of her as such from nearly day one. He’ll protect her to the best of his ability. The same goes for Apollo. He hasn’t known Apollo for long, and he’s not related to him in any way what-so-ever, but he feels responsible for him. A lot of times, Phoenix sees a younger version of himself in Apollo, and he almost wants to make sure Apollo doesn’t lose that the way Phoenix did.

Although his disbarment has changed him in some ways, it’s hardly affected him in other ways.

The determined quality that came with being a lawyer still hasn’t left him. He never stopped trying then, and that certainly hasn’t changed now. He’s spent the last seven years searching for the truth. Seven years is a long time to patiently wait for the right moments and the right evidence in order to link everything together and expose the truth. He did it, though. Not only for himself, but for everybody involved who deserved the justice they got. While Phoenix still believes in justice and exposing the truth, he’s taken on a ‘the end justifies the means’ sort of demeanor. In Apollo’s first case, Phoenix gave him a piece of evidence that would help them win the case, even though he knew it was forged evidence.

Losing his lawyers badge brought changes. Some big, some small. Some good, some bad. It all depends on who is asked. But the fact of the matter is, he’s still Phoenix Wright, a once renowned defense attorney turned amateur pianist and master poker player. Even after his badge has been taken away, he’s never stopped trying to find the truth.

Phoenix is in possession of a magatama. Phoenix’s magatama, once powered by spiritual energy, gives him the power to see Psyche-locks. Psyche-locks appear when somebody is keeping a secret. The secrets that are buried deeper than others cause more Psyche-locks to appear, and they’re harder to unlock. The locks can be unlocked through knowledge of the secret and evidence.
There are also black Psyche-locks, which Phoenix only encountered once, but was unable to unlock.

[Other important stuff]

[Sample post]
[First Person]
If I were home, right now, I’d probably be playing piano for the restaurant. Well, kind of playing, anyway. I’m not very good. [ He chuckles. ] I’ll be the first to admit that.

[ A pause. ]

Time sure does fly here, doesn’t it? I wonder if time passes by here at the same rate it does at home. I wonder what’s going on at home.... I bet Apollo’s gotten another client that drives him up the walls, and I bet Gavin and Ema aren’t making matters any better.

[ For a second, his face sobers, and he adopts a serious look. But it’s gone in just a moment, and he’s smiling again. ]

Oh well. I’m sure they’re handling themselves okay. They always manage to get the job done, despite the odds. And all that matters is here and now, right? [ Even though he doesn’t believe that himself. ] Anything else is irrelevant.

[ And then, because he can easily go from one thought to a completely different one: ] I wonder if Trucy would like a dog. Everybody likes dogs, right? We’ll get a big dog, I think. One that can watch over the apartment when Trucy and I are out. Maybe we can teach him to clean.

[ And with a laugh, he turns of his Dreamberry. ]

[Third Person]
The rain felt nice, splashing against his face and rolling off his cheeks. He’d pulled his hat off some time ago. His hair, now wet, stuck to his temples and the back of his neck. The water seeped through his clothes, chilling his skin, but it didn’t bother him much. There was just something special about standing in the rain. Something symbolic. It was ridiculous and cliche, he knew, but it was like the rain cleansed him. Of his past, of his worries, of any anger or sadness he might’ve been feeling. The rain made him feel new.

Once upon a time, he’d duck for cover in the event of a thunderstorm. He’d be worried about getting his suit wet; of the rain making his hair go flat and his appearance disheveled. He’d worry about not being able to get to work or get home without getting completely soaked. He’d worry about catching a cold. It was different now, though. Now, the storm was welcome, and he was more than happy to stand in the middle of it. Rain was just one more thing that reminded him of the differences of then and now.

“Daddy! You can’t be out in the rain like this. You’re going to get sick!”

Phoenix opened his eyes, blinking water off his lashes, and tilted his head down to look at Trucy. She had an umbrella in one hand, and she was lifting it high, trying to get him to step under it. He did, smiling apologetically, and said, “Sorry. Let’s go inside and make some cocoa.”

Trucy was another thing that reminded him of the differences. She was the bright light in his world of dark all those years ago. Now he had little pinpricks of light, in the form of his friends and family, and the finally uncovered truth, that helped illuminate his world. A flicker here and there was all he needed from them, and he could easily make do with just that, like a candle during a storm. But there was no doubt that Trucy would always be that bright burst of light, always there, always constant.

He let her lead the way back into the apartment, where they made hot chocolate and sat down to watch some movies. And when the lightning knocked out the power, and they were plunged into darkness, Trucy appeared with a flashlight, one as bright as her grin.

She really was his light in the dark.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] Because of castmates, and I needed a place to play Phoenix anyway, and it sounds like fun. Best summed up with “because of reasons.”
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] All the rules. But mostly the playercest rule. And also the being nice rule. c:
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] From Amanda!
[Any questions?] Nope!