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[app] A Charmed Life || Bella Kirkwood || Bridlewood


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Character Name: Bellissima
Fandom: A Charmed Life
Character Link or Summary: Here!
Since this series is super obscure, it’s impossible to find much more than this for it. If you need me to write something out, I can!

Pony Type: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A magnifying glass
Element: Curiosity
AU History: Bella was born and raised in Manehattan. Her father was a successful doctor and her mother was a notable model. She spent her days shopping with her father’s money, always accompanied by her friends. Her parents were often busy with their jobs, and as a result, she didn’t get disciplined like she should have. She wasn’t a bad pony, but she was spoiled, and very used to getting her own way.

When she was a teenager, her father decided that it was time for her to learn some responsibility so that she could support herself instead of relying on him. But instead of doing it himself, he decided to send her to live with his brother on a farm in a tiny town. She threw a fit, screamed and yelled and cried in any attempt to get him to change his mind, but was without any success. And thus, she spent two years living with her uncle Jake and his two sons. She was forced to trade in her fashionable clothes and high-end boutiques for work clothes and country stores.

During her stay, she found suspicious information about a couple of different incidents at her school. After she investigated and cracked her very first case, she got her cutie mark, a magnifying glass. She found that investigating was something she was passionate about, so she became a regular P.I. She started doing everything from finding lost items to solving ground-breaking incidents at her school and in her town. Throughout all of this, she also became involved with the newspaper staff. She started writing articles, sometimes for her weekly article about the daily life of a pony, and sometimes about whatever mystery she just solved.

After she got out of school, she moved to Bridlewood. She started solving cases of mysterious incidents there, too, not only as a means to support herself, but also because it was something she loved. As a side (and more stable) job, she started publishing and writing articles for her own paper, the Bridlewood Bay.

Personality: More than almost anything else, Bella is nosy. She has a natural curiosity that’ll keep her asking questions and probing for useful information. She won’t stop until she’s satisfied, even if it means coming back for a second, third, or even fourth time. This curiosity can easily get her into trouble, but she always manages to find a way out of it.

One of the main ways she gets herself out of sticky situations is her charismatic personality. She’s not afraid of engaging strangers in conversation, and she’s been known to captivate ponies through her charm. Flattery, in her opinion, can get you almost anywhere, and she’ll definitely use that to her advantage. She’s confident in just about everything she does. This includes her crime solving abilities and her writing skills. She’s always had a very high self-esteem.

Even after her reality check when she was younger, she can still be snobbish at times. She’s a lot more open-minded when it comes to what she wears and who she befriends, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t pick a designer brand over store brand if she got the chance to. Without a doubt, she still dresses to impress. Her sometimes sarcastic and witty comments and replies can also make her come off as a snob.

Bella is a very stubborn pony. Once she puts her mind to something, there’s not a force in Equestria that can stop her. This is what makes her such a good crime solver, but this is also what gets her into so much trouble. She’s impulsive and doesn’t think before she acts. She’ll dive headfirst into any situation without thinking about the consequences, or her safety. She has a strong sense of justice. If she feels like somebody is being wrong or cheated, she’ll try her very best to make sure that it stops.

Abilities: Bella has an amazing knack for solving mysteries. If she catches wind of something unusual or strange going on in Bridlewood, she’s on it. She won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of it. She also has good creative writing skills. She writes for and publishes the Bridlewood Bay, sometimes featuring articles on her latest cracked case.

Bella's magic really comes in handy when it comes to her crime solving. More than once, her magic has been able to lead her to a clue or a lost item. Sometimes, the item or clue will even sparkle, with the help of her magic, to catch her attention.

Her magic also helps her with the newspaper she prints. She can make the press print copies while she writes an article. She also uses it for daily things, like pulling books from high shelves.

First-person sample: [ An article she’s written on her latest case. ]
Every case, big or small, needs to be solved. So when I was confronted by a young mare about finding her missing bracelet, one that had been passed down through her family, I started my search immediately. First, I checked the last place she’d had it; the Watersparkle Library. That was a bust, though. After turning the place inside out (and of course tucking it right back into order when I finished), I went to the next place of interest; Barnsdell Park. The park is a little bit harder to search, due to the size of it. That didn’t stop me, though. I spent the better part of my afternoon looking beside benches, peering into the water fountain, and trying to climb trees. But, alas, still no bracelet. Finally, I went to check out my last place of interest, and my last hope before I ran out of leads; The Evergreen Amphitheater. I searched and searched, looking high and low, but there wasn’t a thing to be found (except for candy wrappers and gum. Ew). Just as I was about to call it a day, the setting sun glittered off of a reflective surface and hit me right in the eyes. It was the bracelet! It had been sitting right next to the ticket booth.
Another case cracked, another pony happy, and just enough time for me to buy a new pair of boots. Now that’s what I call a job well done.

Third-person sample: “Note to self; think about just how far you might have to walk before selecting shoes. Ouch.

Bella limped down the dirt road, refusing to let a whimper leave her lips. At least she’d found what she was looking for. She paused to shift the sleeping filly on her back. Who would’ve thought that such a tiny pony could be so heavy? Geez. Somebody was going to have to give this filly a talking to about wandering away when her mother wasn’t looking. If she had to walk that far again, she would totally ruin more than just her boots. Her legs wouldn’t be much use to her after that, either.

Despite the downside of this case, she would be happy to reunite Amulet with her worried family. There was nothing like that relief on their faces to make difficult case worth working.

As she got closer to Bridlewood, she could hear the raised voices.

“Is that her? Do you think she’s found Amulet? O-oh! It’s her! Bella!”

With a grunt that was not very lady like, Bella shifted Amulet into a more secure position and started trotting. Amulet’s mother met them half way there. Bella carefully lowered the now-awake filly to the ground, letting out a quiet sigh as the weight disappeared from her back.

Amulet got nuzzles from her mother and father. Bella smiled at the scene.

“This will make one amazing article,” she decided. “Totally front-page worthy.”

Notes, questions, or comments: Just that I’ve been given mod permission for Bella to publish a newspaper for Bridlewood.