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[app] CardCaptor Sakura || Kinomoto Sakura || Route 29

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Name: Kinomoto Sakura
Series: CardCaptor Sakura
Timeline: Mid-chapter 50
Canon Resource Links: Wikia!

Personality: Sakura is your average eleven year-old girl, in a manner of speaking.

She’s an open book, easy to read and easy to understand. Her feelings are loud and clear in her expressions, and she never tries to hide them. This means that she has difficulties when it comes to lying. In spite of this, she is very good at keeping secrets for people. You’ll never find her telling somebody else something you’ve told her in confidence. This is made clear when she finds out that her friend is seeing their teacher, and when she finds out that Yukito is in love with her brother. Making and keeping friends is an easy thing for her, which is obvious with all the friends she has and makes throughout canon. Even Syaoran, who started out the series hating her, turned into a close friend. People are drawn to her because of her cheerfulness and charm. She’s very outgoing, and you’ll rarely catch her being shy. When she had a crush on Yukito, she was always giving him presents and leaping for opportunities to talk to him and hang out with him. She’s very optimistic, always looking on the bright side of things. She has an invincible phrase that she uses whenever she’s in trouble or feeling helpless. “Everything will surely be alright.”

Cheerleading and track are her fortes, but Sakura is very good at any sport you throw at her. Give her enough time to learn the rules and get the hang of it, and she’ll give you a run for your money. She even rollerblades to school instead of taking a bus or being driven. Her athleticism is often shown through her energetic personality. She’s always full of life and has a certain bounce to her step. But despite the fact that she’s athletic, she’s also very clumsy. She often trips or drops things. Even in cheerleading practice, her clumsiness shows through when she doesn’t catch her baton and it lands on her head.

When Sakura was little, her brother would describe the ghosts he was able to see, saying things about them having one eye or a missing hand. Even though she, herself, couldn’t see these ghosts, she was frightened of them. Her fear of ghosts is still with her today, yet the spirits of her magical cards don’t scare her. We find this out when she mistakes a card, The Illusion, for a ghost. The experiences with her brother, along with her friendships with Eriol and Mizuki (both of whom Syaoran told her were bad news) have shown us that she’s very trusting. She often believes anything that people tell her without stopping to think it through.

Sakura’s very dense when it comes to matters in her own personal life. She never realizes that Tomoyo is in love with her, even when Tomoyo says it to Sakura herself. Sakura just replies with “I love you, too!” because she’s under the impression that Tomoyo means it platonically. On the other hand, she’s very perceptive when it comes to other people. She’s also a very naive girl, and often fails to see the bad in the world. She thinks there’s good in everyone, even if it takes a bit of work and reaching to get to it.

+ Star power. While this doesn’t carry over to Route, Sakura started out the series borrowing the moon and sun powers from Clow Reed. Then she gained her own magic through the powers of the stars.
+ Optimistic. Sakura won’t give up, even when things seem hopeless. She believes there is always a way, and she’ll stick with that sentiment to the very end.
+ Endurance. Through athletic ability and sheer willpower, Sakura doesn’t get tired easily. It takes quite a bit to wear her out.
+ Experience. Because of her history as a Cardcaptor, she has experience with fighting for her own and her loved ones’ lives, as well as experience with dangerous situations.

- Clueless. Not only is she rather dense in general, but at the beginning of the series, she had a hard time with her magical powers. It took a lot of practice and coaching from her magical animal companion, Kero, to learn how to use her staff. Even near the end, she relied on Kero a lot when it came to information about the cards.
- Math. Sakura isn’t very good at math, nor does she like it. Hopefully, this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem for her in Johto.
- Clumsy. Sakura is often clumsy at the worst of times. She usually drops things and trips on a regular basis, but it gets worse when she’s pressed for time and under pressure.
- Inexperience. Since she’s just a young girl, she doesn’t have the life experiences that some older people would have.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Teddiursa
Password: Taco Bell

First Person Sample: [ The feed clicks on, shaky and wobbly, to show a young girl’s back. She’s walking, head ducked, concentrating hard on whatever is in her hands. One moment she’s talking softly to herself, and the next she’s falling flat on her face, crying out in surprise.

The ‘Gear is set down on the ground carefully. A Teddiursa runs out from behind it. He stumbles over his own feet just as he reaches her, falling right beside her.

They both pick themselves back up, the girl brushing herself off. ]

Ouch... I guess reading and walking was a bad idea.

[ Within seconds, she’s smiling brightly, picking the Trainer’s Manual up from the ground. ]

C’mon, Kero-chan! We’re almost there!

[ The Teddiursa runs back to the ‘Gear, and picks it up again. The shaking continues as they resume walking, and the girl is still completely oblivious to the ‘Gear. ]

We might have to take another break along the way, but we should get there before it gets dark. Then I’ll pick you up some snacks at the store. [ She looks down at the Teddiursa and looks confused. ] How’d you get that out of my bag?

[ She reaches down to take it, and a second later, the feed clicks off. ]

Third Person Sample: The Gastly looms mere feet in front of her, and Sakura can't seem to find her voice. Her Teddiursa isn’t much help, either. He stands in front of her bravely, as if to protect her, but he's weak from his last battle. Regular ghosts are bad enough, but the Pokemon type of ghosts are the absolute worst!

The Gastly creeps closer and she takes an anxious step back, ready to turn and run (and probably trip and fall in the process).

She tenses when it comes even closer. Now it's only a foot and a half away. She takes another step back and starts to turn to take off in a dead sprint when a red blur explodes from a nearby bush

Sakura shrieks, stumbles backwards, and lands on her butt. She scrambles even further back, using her hands and feet to move.

The Vulpix lifts her head and lets out a large blast of fire. The Gastly zips away into the trees before the flames even reach it.

Sakura relaxes, letting out a trembling sigh of relief.

"Oh... thank you."

The Vulpix beams at her, looking rather smug at her obvious accomplishment.

Sakura smiles a shaky sort of smile, but a genuine one, nonetheless.

"Kero-chan," she calls to the Teddiursa, "I think we found The Firey."

Kero-chan stumbles his way over, clinging to her leg once he reaches her. Sometimes he’s worse than she is when it comes to ghosts. He isn't anything at all like the real Kero-chan, but she's okay with that.

She returns her attention back to the Vulpix, and this time, her smile is bright, 100 watt, full power.

"Do you want to come with me and Kero-chan?"

The Vulpix looks contemplative. She tilts her head to the right. And then to the left. It doesn't take her long to crawl onto Sakura's legs and butt her head against Sakura's shoulder.

She laughs and wraps her arms around the Vulpix in a hug. "Great! Now let's find a place to sleep. A place away from the ghosts."

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