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[App] Prince of Tennis || Niou Masaharu || Mayfield

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Character Name: Masaharu Niou
Character Series: Prince of Tennis
Character Age: 14
Niou was born and raised somewhere in the south. He grew up distant from his parents but close to his siblings. He was a difficult child, always going out of his way to make things harder on his parents. It's left rather vague where he went to elementary school, but he moved to Kanagawa shortly before he started middle school and was enrolled in Rikkaidai.

Upon joining the tennis team in his first year, he started playing doubles with Yagyuu Hiroshi, who quickly became his best friend and partner in crime. They spent their first year shaping and perfecting their tennis, learning each other forward and backward. It was a prank that started it, and a running joke afterwards, but then it soon became serious. They started switching, trading places and playing tennis as each other. It was the ultimate mind-fuck, in Niou's opinion. But they didn't let anyone in on the secret, wanting to keep it under wraps until they were sure they could fool everybody until the very second the trick was revealed. Niou developed his second identity this way, and now it's just as easy for him to be Yagyuu as it is for him to be Niou. Sometimes, he likes to think it's even easier. He didn't stop there, though. He continued on to impersonate other people, on and off the courts, including his vice-captain and the captains of Seigaku and Shitenhouji.

In his second year, with Yukimura as their captain, he and Yagyuu were bumped to the regulars as a doubles team. They were easily one of the best doubles teams that Rikkaidai had seen in years, winning every single match thrown at them. Rikkaidai's training had always been rough and demanding, and under Yukimura's command, it was even more difficult. But with Yukimura's hand-picked team, they won nationals, like they had in their first year.

Niou's third year was rough. It was rough for the whole team. At the beginning of it, Yukimura collapsed and was diagnosed with a disease that could easily end his tennis, and the surgery to fix it could end his life. It wasn't until then did Niou realize how close he'd gotten to the whole team and how much they actually meant to him. The team pushed through it, though, and just trained harder. The Kantou tournament fell on the same date as their captain's surgery, and not only did they end up breaking their promise to present the trophy to him before he went into surgery, but they didn't even have a trophy to present when he came out. Even though Niou and Yagyuu won their match, they didn't win the tournament, and this put tremendous stress on the team. Thankfully, Yukimura made it out of his surgery just fine, and even recovered fast enough for him to participate in the national tournament. Niou played singles in that tournament, but that didn't stop him from using his tennis to portray other people. He played as two different people, and even though his impersonations looked perfect at a glance, they were revealed by his opponent to be flawed. Niou can only play somebody else's tennis as long as it was within his physical capabilities. He lost his match, they lost nationals, and he still hasn't forgiven himself for letting Yukimura, and the rest of the team, down.

Personality: Niou is extremely complex and complicated with a dash of crazy and just plain fucking weird.

First of all, he isn't at all what he seems. He comes off as mysterious, and sometimes even fake. He's an illusionist, and his first (and often times, only) goal is to screw with your mind in any way he possibly can. Whether it's making you believe that he's somebody else, or making you believe an elaborate lie, he's going to fuck with you. He has an uncanny talent for impersonating people. If he hangs around you enough, then he'll start portraying you, too, if the opportunity arises. This started out with just being something he did on the courts, a method of strategic tennis where he messed with the minds of his opponents by playing as someone else, but it quickly started to expand to outside the courts as well. He's amazing at being everything he really isn't. He can be the perfect gentlemen or a charming player, but he sucks at being himself. You only see the parts of himself that he wants you to see.

More than anything, he'll make you think he's confident in everything he says and does, and he'll come off as very arrogant in the process. This, much like everything else he lets people see about him, isn't quite the truth. Yes, he's confident in his skills. He knows he's good at tennis, acting, and magic. But he's not very confident in himself as a whole. He doesn't often think he's worth peoples' worries, and he's always trying to figure out why his friends have stuck with him for so long. He's rather closed-off from everyone, not letting anybody see his true self. Except, that is, for Yagyuu, because they know each other better than they know themselves.

Keeping up his facade, he also comes off as a complete and total dick. It might be because of his sarcastic and off-putting attitude. Most people assume that Niou only cares about a few things in his life. Himself, tennis, and sometimes, every so often, they'll believe that he cares about Yagyuu or Yukimura. The truth is, he cares about all of the tennis team. He cares about them, he cares about his family, and he especially cares about Yagyuu and Yukimura. Just pretending he doesn't is easier for him. Acting like he doesn't care is a type of defense mechanism for him, as well as not taking things seriously. He'll turn everything, anything into a joke if he can, because he's not very good at dealing with serious situations. This is why Yukimura's collapsing was so tough for him. It was one of the only things he couldn't turn into a joke, because that would've just been morbid, not to mention he would've gotten hit by Sanada as a repercussion. He's generally very laid back, and not much bothers him. Most insults will roll off his shoulders and he never lets them get to him.

That said, Niou's weaknesses don't extend very far, at a glance. There are very few ways to get to him. He'll go weak at the knees for anything feline and he'll go to Hell and back for his friends, but he doesn't let people know it. And when he does do something nice for his friends, he'll usually do it secretively, so they don't actually know it's him doing it. If they happen to find out that it was him, he'll deny it completely.

Running right along with his flippant personality, he's also quite the trouble-maker. He's always looking out for the opportunity to pull a prank. Whether it's something as small as loosening bolts on chairs, or something as large scale as turning the locker rooms into a circus, he's almost always the mastermind behind strange things happening at Rikkai. He'll go well out of his way just for a few laughs, and his goal is always to amuse himself. Anyone else being amused by his actions are purely coincidental. He lives his life to have fun, and will do just about anything for an adrenaline rush and a bit of excitement.

Abilities: Niou has no supernatural powers, although he does play some wicked awesome tennis.
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